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The past year we have been trucking along, sending some of our globes to new countries and locations (a big dome-theater among them). A significant number of improvements have been made in the software behind our globes and the engineering of the systems. One of our more recent g600 globes, a system that continues to be popular because of its hands-on interactivity and robustness, was installed in the Czech republic. One of our new g600’s is heading to Malta within the next month to a location with some amazing architecture.

We have had a few issues with our product page recently. If you run into an error please contact us through directly with your request.

Globe4D at GeoFort, NL

Brand new geology science centre GeoFort has just been equipped with one of our Globe4D 600′s. We’re proud to have managed to get everything ready just in time for GeoFort’s busy christmas holiday.